Lesson Title: Career Search
Topic/Focus Area: Career Development

Lesson Overview
Content Standards
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Additional Comments

Subject(s): Work Experience Education

Grade Level(s): 10-12

Name: Robert Gutierrez
Taught: Other
Phone: 760-357-6030
School: Calexico High
1030 Encinas Ave.
Calexico, CA 92231-2560

Lesson Overview

The lesson on career search is to provide students the opportunity to discover,explore,or further research various occupational creas of their interest. The students will learn what career areas they have interests in as well as doing research to acquire charateristics of those occupations. Students will produce hard copies of data acquired on their career search. Also a power point presentation on occupation reseached will be required.

Other Standard

Career Preparation

Standard 2 Career DevelopmentStudents will understand the career development process. Awareness of career opportunities utilizing career decision process to identify career choices to develop a plan for achieving career goals.

Student Learning Objectives


  1. Students will take a career awareness survey. Administer pre-career awareness survey - see attached.
  2. Students will take a career interest survey - see attached survey. Teacher will administer the survey.
  3. Students will research career/s according to results of their career interest survey using the Eureka Career Guidance program.
  4. Students will produce a powerpoint presentation on the career of their choice on a cd or disk. PowerPoint tutorials can be found in the resource list of this lesson plan.

    Students will produce 6-7 slides.
    Title page
    Career researched
    Career wages
    Career outlook
    What student learned

    Assessment of PowerPoint presentation will be based on information researched. See rubric attached.
  5. Students will take a post career awareness survey


Content Resources (books, articles, etc.)
A career interest survey will be developed that will indicate where students are in their career development plans

A generic interest survey will be administered to students to provide them an overview of career clusters within their career interests.

Via the Calexico High School library computer lab the Eureka Career Guidance program will be used to research careers as well as to teach powerpoint program. If a teacher does not have access to Eureka, other web and software resources are also available. Other career software programs could include Career Crusing. Please see resources attached for other web resources.

Web Resources
Cal Jobs (www.val.ca.gov)

PowerPoint Tutorials (www.vtusd.k12.ca.us)

PowerPoint Tutorials (www.microsoft.com)

The Career Key (www.carerkey.org)

Hardware/Software Resources (computers, CD-ROMs, TV, VCR, etc.)
The students will use computers to do research on careers of their choice

The students will use the powerpoint program to produce a slide presentation

Students will download/save information researched on computer
to a cd or disk.

Students will download/save information researched on computer
to a cd or disk.

File Attachments

download the file PowerPoint Rubric
  — PowerPoint Rubric.doc   (39.0 KB)

download the file Student Sample - C
  — Career Awareness Gabriel.ppt   (14.5 KB)

download the file Student Sample B
  — Nursing.ppt   (73.0 KB)

download the file Student Sample A
  — Laura Mosqueda.ppt   (79.0 KB)

download the file Additional Student Sample
  — ARCHITECT.ppt   (31.0 KB)

download the file Student Sample 2

download the file Career Awareness Post Survey
  — career awareness post survey.pdf   (264 KB)

download the file Career Awareness Post Survey
  — career awareness post survey.doc   (266 KB)

download the file Career Awareness Survey
  — career awareness survey.doc   (225 KB)

download the file Career Awareness Survey
  — career awareness survey.pdf   (152 KB)

download the file Final PowerPoint Presentation
  — Career Search Powerpoint.ppt   (234 KB)

-A survey will be used to assess students career awareness & career plans.
-Students will be monitored via work turned in; career research
print out and powerpoint career presentation. PowerPoint rubric can be used to assess student presentations.
-Student will understand the career development process via discovering/confirming their vocational interests and awareness of opportunities in areas of interest as well as knowing where to access education/training.
Additional Comments
The use of technology to enhance the lesson plan empowers students with new skills and self motivation.

I found the students to be engaged, excited, and having a feeling of accomplishment because they were using tech tools to explore their career optins and express themselves.

The use of a computer lab is preffered. If the school has acquired a career guidance program site license it should be installed in the school computer labs as well as in library computers.

The pre and post career survey used in the lesson were developed by myself. Next year I shall do reaserch to see if I can find surveys that have been feild tested. I shall also try to acquire a computerized career interest survey.

Overall I believe this lesson was one hundered (100%) percent more effective than the previous years, as students were more engaged. Due to the technology they were required to use, it was informative and fun.